Dear Reader, this is for YOU.

Yes, you.

The one who’s reading these letters, this collection of raw, human experiences.

The words and feelings pouring into these letters belong to my soul, but needed to be released out into this world. To find you.

I’d advise you to be gentle. Not only to yourself (as you should be all the time), but be gentle to these letters. Read them with care.

Let their words resonate with you, or not.

Let your feelings connect to them, or not. 

Maybe they inspire you, or they don’t.

Whatever it may be, I’m honoured that you want to explore this journey of life with me. I’ll open my heart to you. I’ll be as vulnerable as I can be. 

If there’s one thing, I wish for you as you read my letters: Don’t suppress your feelings. Feel them. Embrace them, and maybe write about it. 

Let’s be raw and vulnerable together.

P.s.: Nothing on this site is AI-generated. This is a true human experience.



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