Dear Artists

Please, please, please, don’t stop creating! 

I know it might feel scary because AI-generated art is flushing the internet. 

And now, people who haven’t endured years of practice, heartbreak, hard work, and sweat can create art with a snap of their finger. 

To be honest: This sucks! It hurts! It’s fucking bullshit!

My soul is aching with you. 

My heart is crying for you. 

My mind can’t comprehend it. 

Please, please, please, don’t stop creating! 

I need your art.  

I need your stories. 

I need your creations. 

I need you, artists. 

No one else can create what you can create. 

Yes, an AI-generated art piece might look so perfect. It’s a shiny thing, trying to perfect itself to become a squeaky-clean version of something that it doesn’t even understand. 

But it’s missing something:

Your intentions that fill your art. 

Your thoughts that make us wonder, question, and rethink. 

Your emotions that pulsate through the veins of your art. 

Your heartbreaks that we can feel and empathise with. 

Your blood that taste like something truly magnificent. 

Your soul that makes your art so unique. So human. 

It’s missing you, my dear artists.

So, please, keep creating.

Keep showing your art. Keep bleeding and inspiring. Because the truth is that it’s not only me who needs you. 

The world needs you. It always has been. And it always will be. Art makes the world a better place. It makes us better humans. 

And I am afraid, my dear artists. 

I am afraid that I get trapped in algorithms that flush my life with soulless art so much that I might lose my soul, too. 

I am afraid that at one point no one cares about art anymore. 

I am afraid that at one point our world will become a soulless place, haunted by all the art that could have been. 

So, please keep creating. Show your art. 

So, please keep creating. Show your soul. 

So, please keep creating. Show the world how to not abandon our soul. 


another artists who can’t imagine a life without you

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