Dear Future Lover


Did you instantly think about Scary Movie?

If so, then you might be my type of person. 

My type of partner. 

My lover. 

I don’t want to be pushy.

But where are you hiding?

And why? 

Are you not ready yet? 

Don’t you want to connect

In this disconnected world?

Don’t you want to feel a connection

That learns to love more deeply?

That grows together?

That lasts?

It’s weird to write this letter to you. 

I’m just sending it out into the aether, 

hoping you might stumble over it.

But maybe this is just another tactic of me

To look for the unreachable one. 

To protect my heart, my soul. 

To stay in my safe place. 

I mean, it’s easy, isn’t it?

I can just write this letter, 

Put it on social media, 

And tell myself that I am so brave. 

Look at me, writing quirky love letters to strangers. 

Look at me, stepping out of my comfort zone. 

Look at me, looking for love. 

I know that part of it might be true. 

That there’s still fear. 

Fear of connection. 

Fear of rejection. 

Fear of love. 

Wait a second … 

Am I not ready? 

Is it me?

Oh fuck … I am the unreachable one. 

I am the one that puts up the armour. 

Afraid to feel a connection. 

I am the one hiding in the shadows.

Afraid to be seen.   

To be desired. 

To be loved. 

Wow, this letter turned out weirder than I anticipated. 

And it turns out that is not a letter for you. 

It’s for me. 

What a plot twist. 


The humbled writer of this weird letter. 

P.s.: You can still reach out to me anyways. I might not be ready but I will try my best. 

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