Dear Mind

What the fuck?!

I mean, I thought, I hoped,

we’re not at war anymore.

But here you are, whispering to me:

This will never work. 

They will never love you. 

No one cares about you. 

You are not enough. 

Okaaaay, buddy, time out! 

Stop it! STOP IT!

We were supposed to be a team, remember? 

We went to therapy. We worked on ourselves. We even started meditating! And yes, I know, you don’t like meditating as you keep reminding me. Every. Single. Time. 

Have I ever told you that you can be an annoying little shit?

No? Oh… Well, you are. 

Anyways, I still love you. You can love someone but not like them. Amazing concept, right? Blows my mind … I mean, blows you … urgh, weird! 

Focus! Stop distracting me!

Whatever, I do love you! Because you are my little shit. 

But can we please go back to being a team? Remember when we were the three musketeers? Body, heart, me and … wait. 


We have never been the three musketeers, have we?! There was never a »One for all and all for one«? I mean, there was. But without YOU. 

My dear mind, why didn’t you say something? Oh yes, you did. True. Huh. 

You could be our D’Artagnan! The young-blooded one. The newbie. How about that? Or we rename our team? Whatever suits you. Because the only thing that matters is:

I want you on my team, buddy.  

I don’t want to fight with you anymore. 

I want us to be friends, not enemies. No, frenemies also don’t work for me!

I want us to support each other.

I want us to succeed together. 

I want us to love each other. 

And you know why?

Because I am enough. You are enough. We are enough. 

Because I love myself. You love yourself. We love ourselves. 

Isn’t that way better than being at war?

Isn’t that way better than holding each other down?

Together, we can make life better for us! And for others!

Come on, buddy. Come on, mind. 

Let’s do this. Let’s be a team. 


Your buddy who hears every single one of your nagging thoughts. 

P.s.: Nope. We won’t stop meditating. So, get used to it. 

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